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The Year of Experimental Gardening, Part 2

If you missed Part 1, it's here! Charles and I are deep into our first summer of large-scale gardening on the farm. We started in the cold days of early spring, babying our tiny seedlings in our "work room." We set them up under grow lights and watered diligently. They were (mostly) successful, though we… Continue reading The Year of Experimental Gardening, Part 2

Weasel Eats

Sunshine Squash Casserole

Our year of experimental gardening has produced at least one gargantuan success so far: our plants of the squash family. We planted two types of pumpkin ~ Dickinson and Chioggia ~ and several types of squash: Costata Romanesco zucchini, Golden Pattison pattypans, white pattypans, yellow summer squash, and lemon squash. All but the white pattypans… Continue reading Sunshine Squash Casserole

Weasel Farms, Weasel Reads

The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

by Harvey Ussery When I joined my husband's family, I knew I was getting into a totally new experience: these are people who have dinner-table conversations about compost, Johnson grass, and sheep bloat. His parents bought this land as their retirement home, but have turned it into a working small-scale farm that provides all of… Continue reading The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

Weasel Farms

The Year of Experimental Gardening, Part 1

I have loved gardening since I can remember. When I was little my dad would plant a yearly vegetable garden; I remember eating apples from our backyard tree while watching him till up the dirt in the spring. As a teenager, I kept a garden for several years and had reasonable success with tomatoes, beets,… Continue reading The Year of Experimental Gardening, Part 1

Weasel Reads

After Virtue

by Alasdair MacIntyre¬† I read this book at the tail-end of a philosophy kick a few years ago. For three semesters, I audited philosophy classes at my alma mater (which, fun fact, offers one free audited class per semester to alumni!). I sat in on Intro to Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, and Modern Philosophy. These classes… Continue reading After Virtue

Weasel Farms

The Fall of Mousetopia

There are some beautiful things about living on a farm. Like peaceful, pastoral scenes every day: And amazing sunsets nearly every night: And little hidden gems all over the place waiting to be discovered: HOWEVER. There are also some messy, gross, and downright disgusting things that come with farming. Like sheep poop pellets ... And… Continue reading The Fall of Mousetopia

Weasel Eats

Spiced Mixed Nuts

In my search for good snacks on this ketogenic eating experiment (to replace the crunchy, starchy things I love but my body doesn't), I kept thinking that mixed nuts would be a good alternative. Or a trail-mix type thing, without the typical sugary dried fruit and chocolate chips and M&Ms. However, a store-bought trail mix… Continue reading Spiced Mixed Nuts