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The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

by Harvey Ussery When I joined my husband's family, I knew I was getting into a totally new experience: these are people who have dinner-table conversations about compost, Johnson grass, and sheep bloat. His parents bought this land as their retirement home, but have turned it into a working small-scale farm that provides all of… Continue reading The Small-Scale Poultry Flock

Weasel Reads

After Virtue

by Alasdair MacIntyre  I read this book at the tail-end of a philosophy kick a few years ago. For three semesters, I audited philosophy classes at my alma mater (which, fun fact, offers one free audited class per semester to alumni!). I sat in on Intro to Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, and Modern Philosophy. These classes… Continue reading After Virtue

Weasel Reads

The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

by Ruth Benedict My husband insisted I read this book. He read it years ago, and it either created or enhanced (I'm not sure which) his fascination with Japanese culture ~ and rightly so. Written in 1946 by "one of the most eminent anthropologists of the twentieth century" (according to the back cover bio), The Chrysanthemum… Continue reading The Chrysanthemum and the Sword

Weasel Reads

Mister God, This is Anna

by Fynn This book was published in the 1970s and has been rather shrouded in mystery. It is acclaimed on the cover of the sequel as a “worldwide bestseller.” It must have been either a short-lived or a cult-following type of bestseller, because other than the friend who gave it to me (a friend named… Continue reading Mister God, This is Anna

Weasel Reads

Love Thy Body

by Nancy Pearcey Christians who feel confused by the modern milieu of sexuality and life issues should read this book. Christians who don’t know how to talk to friends who are embracing transgenderism, abortion, hook-up sex, or euthanasia should read this book. Anyone who wants to gain a vision for the truth, goodness, and beauty… Continue reading Love Thy Body