Weasel Works

Are you a business owner trying to connect with your ideal client?

Or, are you an author wanting to polish your story for publication?

Let me help you present your words to the world!

You put your heart into your business,
and your brand reflects who you are.
Writing content for your website or marketing materials is the icing on the cake of your to-do list. You want your publicity materials to articulate your ethos with polish and style, but your schedule is hectic enough without spending hours laboring over spelling and grammar.

Let's take some stress off!
I offer content editing and writing for websites and publicity materials. Connect with clients without distracting errors. Gain more positive response with polished, professional messaging. Spend your precious time investing in your business (and personal life!) instead of stressing over your webpage content!

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I offer three packages to help your message shine:

Clarify your message.
I review your written content, removing grammar errors and advising on word choice and style consistency.

Articulate your message.
I write content that reflects and extends your business ethos, including webpage content, blog posts, and publicity materials.

Present a polished style.
I design or update your website to create an online presence that appeals to your audience.

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"Rebekah has an impressive ability to re-word things that I have written to make it communicate professionalism, playful exuberance, and a high-end experience that is still approachable. I absolutely have been so consistently impressed with her work that now everything we write goes through her for a final check, and I wouldn't dream of hiring anyone else! She has an incredible vocabulary and can always edit things to just give it that extra sparkle."
Rachel Ackerman, owner, Pawsitivity Pet Spa, Asheville, NC 

 You're writing a masterpiece.
 You want to bring your story alive in the hearts of your readers. You're a good storyteller, but as a self-publishing author you don't have access to the publishing industry's professional editors and proofreaders. You want to make sure your book communicates well and is market-ready.

Let's tackle this together!
I offer proofreading, copyediting, and developmental editing to help you tell your story well. Pull your readers in. Absorb them in the world of your characters. Be confident that your narrative looks professional, reads smoothly, and flows as a cohesive whole.

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I offer three packages to help your story shine:

Clarify your narrative.
I review your story and remove grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting errors.

Achieve a polished style.
I inspect your story for usage errors and advise on word choice and style consistency.

Develop your narrative.
I consult and advise for story structure and flow to create a cohesive whole.


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"Rebekah is conscientious and very smart! Her editing skills saved me a huge amount of time and potential embarrassment when I submitted my manuscript to various publishers."
~ Jess MacCallum, author, The Chronicle of Delk the Uneven